Q. Who gets to be featured as an amazing woman at this site?
A. Maybe you!

If you are a Christian woman who has discovered the Best Unique Strategies for You, submit an application! Topic categories are shown at right, but we are also open to suggestions.

#1 – Listen in as other Super Busy Women share their own best strategies. Get the “feel” of the show and identify your own B.U.S.Y. that might be of benefit to others.
#2 – Learn how to share YOUR best strategies by taking the FREE Speaking in Soundbites Training HERE.
#3 – Join Marnie’s Mentorship Club to gain access to the self-booking system so you can schedule your 3-5 minute interview on the show. This process includes completing a pre-interview worksheet. The MP3 recording of your interview is something you can post on your own website as part of your media page.
#4 – If you are also a Christian woman who does speaking for groups (either local or abroad), your membership entitles you to a full page profile over at WomenSpeakers.com assuming you meet all qualification requirements.

Enjoy the shows and, when you are ready, join us to share your own super B.U.S.Y. strategies with the world!

Launched in 2009, Marnie’s Internet Radio Talk Show has gained the coveted “Featured” status from BTR, the largest Internet radio outlet in the world. Her show is popular at the main hub as well as at numerous other internet sites where her radio box is displayed.


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